A.   Background.  In partnership, the Loudoun Human Services Network and County of Loudoun proposes to develop a five-year plan for strategies to positively affect human services in Loudoun County with a Human Services Strategic Plan (HSSP). This effort is informed by a recently completed Loudoun County Nonprofit Needs Assessment (attached).  The Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties will serve as fiscal sponsor and will be actively involved in the process.

The HSSP Steering Committee, an ad hoc committee of the Loudoun Human Services Network, of approximately 21 individuals shall be comprised of government, nonprofit, philanthropies, and business representatives.  This group shall work with the facilitator and make final recommendations to the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors.

A subgroup of the Steering Committee, referred to as a Coordinating Committee, shall serve as the managing body of the process.

It is anticipated that Workgroups shall be created and populated by members of the Steering Committee and select subject matter at-large members.

Two individuals shall be primary contacts for the facilitator and process overall:

Amy Owen, President, Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier CountiesValmarie Turner, Assistant County Administrator, Loudoun County Government

It is the intent of this group to have community meetings/discussions that are open, accessible and inclusive to all members of the public.

Issues Framework

The Coordinating Committee reviewed the Loudoun County Nonprofit Needs Assessment Summary Report and has established a preliminary framework for developing goals and objectives for the effort as outlined, below. Through the full process, strategies shall be identified to achieve each goal.

One overarching goal has been developed by the Coordinating Committee, and will be worked on by the Steering Committee as a whole:

Create a more formalized approach and/or structure of public/private partnerships to address Human Services needs in Loudoun County

Objective 1.1   The HSSP should identify:

  1. Best practices of public/private partnerships

  2. A charter for the body

  3. Creation of processes for the body to identify and advocate for special focus work and high need categories that issues reports or recommendations to the County grants programs and local funders

  4. Other tasks as appropriate

Objective 1.2 Pursue shared training programs among service providers including for for-profit, nonprofit, and government representatives

Objective 1.3 Explore shared funding models between philanthropy and County government

Subject Area Workgroups will be established to develop goals, objectives, and strategies for each of the following:

  • Mental Health

  • Affordable Childcare

  • Immigration Services

  • Affordable Housing

  • Transportation

The following operating principles are designed to guide the Workgroups as they develop their respective framework for Goals, Objectives and Strategies.

Workgroups will design outcomes that:

  • strengthen and/or establish public/private philanthropic partnerships

  • support and enrich volunteer programs and opportunities

  • strengthen and enhance new and existing systemic and coordinated approaches to addressing those in need in the community

  • support colocation of services and staff development, both nonprofit and government

  • improve public awareness of need and services in Loudoun County

  • provide assistance to lower income Loudoun County residents while promoting social and economic self-sufficiency through multiple County Departments and outside agencies

  • embrace existing systemic and coordinated approaches to addressing those in need in the community

  1. Timelines and Calendars

  • It is anticipated that the Steering Committee will meet monthly June 2018-June 2019, each facilitated by contractor.

  • It is anticipated that the process will include up to three but not less than two community meetings inviting members of the community to be facilitated by contractor.

  • Working groups will gather as self-determined, and will be coordinated and facilitated by co-chairs. At least one co-chair will report to the Steering Committee

  • Coordinating Committee meetings will be held ad hoc and as needed; the facilitator should attend these meetings (or join by conference call)

  • The first Steering Committee meeting should take place June 25-29 with a Community Meeting shortly thereafter


  1. Creation of a reporting form with the Coordinating Committee, for the workgroups

  2. Draft of HSSP to Coordinating Committee in 9 months

  3. Draft HSSP to Steering Committee in 10 months

  4. Final HSSP to Steering Committee 15 days before the end of the contract.

We appreciate a bid by May 30 (please call if additional time is absolutely necessary or with any questions).

Please provide of similar work performed and references.  Facilitators with experience with the Collective Impact Model are of interest.

Proposals should be directed to:

Amy Owen, president, Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties amy@communityfoundationlf.org   (703) 779-3505    Post Office Box 342,  Leesburg, Virginia  20178