Faces of Loudoun has some new neighbors for you to meet – and new community needs to learn more about.


Have you met Keely?  Keely’s perseverance as a mom, coupled with help from a Loudoun nonprofit speech and hearing center, helped her child get the care that he needed to live a happy, healthy life.


Have you met Amado?  Amado’s resilience, coupled with help from a Loudoun food pantry and community health center, helped him maintain a healthy, sober life after his recovery from alcohol addiction.


Have you met Carol?  Carol’s passion for making change in our community, coupled with her expertise and leadership skills, help her lead one of Loudoun County’s safety net organizations providing health care to Loudoun residents.


What is Faces of Loudoun?

Working with leaders from varied backgrounds (educators, grantmakers, grant seekers, faith based, government, and business) the Community Foundation has zeroed in on a missing ingredient in Loudoun County:  a strong sense of charitable giving and philanthropy.  The Faces of Loudoun is a community service campaign sharing true stories of our neighbors in need to help increase local knowledge, spark increased charitable giving, and promote volunteerism.

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