IMG_0420_wm_1We are designed to offer broad, flexible fund instruments to your clients as well as accept a complete range of gifts (closely held stock, insurance, and real estate). Your advise and counsel is paramount to ensuring your clients benefit from all the planning advantages they deserve.

Talking about the donor’s local community foundation is a “high road” approach to discussing charity with discussing “A” charity. The Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier is not a “cause” but rather, a “causeway.” It’s the vision of your clients that matters.Image 8

Your early conversations about charity and philanthropy matters to your clients—of all income and wealth management levels. Your clients appreciate discussions of wealth and philanthropy, particularly as it relates to teaching children and grandchildren about giving. And, when it comes to philanthropic concepts, ideas, needs, and brainstorming, we are an ideal partner for those conversations.

One of our most flexible instruments is a Shell Agreement. This simple paperwork ties your client’s future charitable vision with a future planned gift in their estate. It is a non-biding agreement, easily updated as they wish, that makes crystal clear to the Community Foundation how they want a future gift to be used.  Visit our Library for Sample Fund Agreements.

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