Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Endowment

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Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy inspires, motivates, and engages people to protect, preserve, and restore wildlife habitat in Loudoun County. We inspire and engage people to become involved in the natural world by leading people to discoverthrough field trips and programs. Indoor and outdoor events open doors to the world of dragonflies and owls, amphibian night sounds and bird songs in the early morning, great trees and wildflowers.

We serve as a knowledge leader and partner for wildlife stewardship by exploring the natural world through citizen science projects. Our participation in the Christmas Bird Count and the Annual Butterfly Count contribute to national databases. The Loudoun County Bird Atlas documented breeding birds in our area from 2009-2014, and we published the results in the Birds of Loudoun. Our Bluebird and amphibian monitoring activities keep an eye on the health of those species, as does our stream monitoring for area waterways.

We protect and restore wildlife habitats in Loudoun County through our Audubon-at-Home, Protecting Pollinators, Habitat Restoration, and Native Plant Sale programs. We are an active member of the Plant NOVA Natives campaign to help reverse the decline of native plants and wildlife in Northern Virginia.

We advocate for the advancement of wildlife and habitat conservation by educating the Loudoun community about the importance of responsible conservation design and green infrastructure for wildlife and habitat conservation, partnering with local organizations, businesses, and leaders to develop policies and solutions that support conservation, and encouraging our members to participate in shaping development policy.

All this and more happens with our volunteers who drive the organization, with help from a small group of staff. Volunteer participation is vital to the success of all Loudoun Conservancy Wildlife’s projects.