Strategic Framework 2016-2018

Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Virginia

OUR MISSION is to foster a community of grantmakers, promote strategic local leadership, and invest in partnerships for the benefit of the community of Loudoun and Northern Fauquier. We invest in community.

OUR VISION is a philanthropic and engaged Loudoun and Northern Fauquier citizenry in support of a healthy and thriving community

THE PATH The Community Foundation’s Strategic Framework is intended to shape the path of the organization for the next two years. The Framework provides both staff and leaders with roadmaps for personal action plans and work plans.


The Community Foundation will promote LEADERSHIP and serve as a strategic leader for positive change in our community.

Leadership within the Community Foundation arena has taken on a significant presence in recent years; all community foundation’s must identify local leadership programs in their respective communities in order to be considered for National Standards sought by our community foundation peers and coordinated by the Council on Foundations.

Further, leadership needs in our footprint are challenged by a void. We have no bridging agent to effectively integrate and cross-pollinate the corporate, government, and the nonprofit sector. The Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties seeks to fill that void with thoughtful, high-impact measures that involve a variety of stakeholders.


As a GRANTMAKER, the Community Foundation’s business model is dedicated to strong internal expense management, diversified funding income sources, and permanent endowment growth to benefit local philanthropy, community programs, and grantmaking to serve our footprint.

Serving as a grantmaker in Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties is one of our primary characteristics. Increasing our grantmaking ability requires increased donor interaction employing a variety of systems such as giving circles and personalized endowment funds to engage diverse donors and age groups.  

Increased grantmaking results in greater capacity and resources for our local nonprofit providers.

 It is essential that our grantmaking growth be accompanied by growth in our own internal strengths. Continuation of our low administrative fees requires other forms of investment in our work through as many varied income sources as practical.


Invest in PARTNERSHIPS for a strong and healthy community through convening, collaborations, and communications

The ever-changing landscape in communications tools and knowledge, coupled with the astounding population growth in our footprint, require a dedication to working with partners. The variety of partners in this work leads to increased successes that benefit us all.

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