May 1st was a golfing event for the Community Foundation.  Local folks from Loudoun and Fauquier Counties generously donated to our grant making, leadership, and partnership building work and, in exchange, spent a half-day with two PROs.  I mean, real golf PROs. So good, they tutor the guys who make the cut.  E.J. Pfister and Chris Tidland flew in at the behest of our event coordinator, John Mascatello’s Wasserman Media Group.  Folks were learning some really good stuff.

During lunch, we got an insiders’ behind-the-scenes view into the game of golf, its players, its politics, led by Mascatello and Len Shapiro of the Middleburg Life (and Washington Post).  E.J. and Chris talked about their work, and how they do it, and the people they work with.

You could tell.  Pfister and Tidland love the game, and they love teaching it.  I realized that, if I had a family member who had talent, and was on the way up into the realm of professional golf, these were the teachers I’d want for my kid or spouse or cousin.  They had this powerful combination of challenge and reinforcement, knowledge with fantastic examples, that a good teacher possesses.    Good people, good at their jobs. Thanks, guys!

And, thanks to everyone from our community who joined in.  I hope you’re out putting and chipping on this lovely day with that extra bit of skill.  I know Elaine Burden, Tom Northrup, Jon Moynihan, and Bob Wipfler must be! They won the day’s skills challenge.

Our program was generously sponsored by Langhorne Custom Homes,, and AHT Insurance.