Due April 3, 2017. Our scholarships are guided by the vision of our donors who create personalized funds to meet their own philanthropic goals. Some grantmaking funds issue guidelines and request proposals. Others recommend grants to our board without any interaction with our charities. When a fund is seeking a proposal or specific information, we let our prospective grantees know via email announcements—so be sure you sign up to receive those. Scholarship funds are unique, too. Be sure to look at specifics for each one.

Download this year’s Scholarship List and Universal Scholarship Application Due April 3, 2017
Gavin Rupp “I Promise 15″ Scholarship Fund. Recipient must be a graduate from a high school in Loudoun County (within last 12 months) with at least a 3.0 GPA; have a dedicated career interest in allied health medicine with selection preference by the Selection Committee for students who seek a career in pediatric care and or pediatric cancer treatment (oncology). Award priority is given first-year students, however, past recipients may be invited to apply for a renewed scholarship in special circumstances. Application: CFLNFC Universal scholarship application and 250-300 word essay sharing why you seek to be a healthcare professional.