What is Give Choose?

Give Choose is a 24-hour day of giving organized annually by the Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties to benefit local charities serving our community. The goal: inspire our community to come together to give generously to charities that make our community the best place to grow up and grow old.

During Loudoun’s GiveChoose.org online giving event, the average gift is $125. But, with as little as $10, you will make a difference for your chosen charity.

With more than 100 local nonprofit organizations participating in Give Chose, anyone can find a cause to support. And, thanks to our generous sponsors, also award prizes to charities hitting special benchmarks throughout the campaign.

When is Give Choose?

Give Choose is held annually in the spring – mark your calendar for March 29, 2022!

How Can My Nonprofit Join?

501(c)(3) nonprofit public charities located in and serving Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties are eligible to register for Give Choose.  To register or renew your nonprofit’s participation, visit www.givechoose.org.

How Can I Help?

Give Choose is an easy and effective way to help your community during while you are sheltering-in-place during the coronavirus pandemic.   Like many of small businesses and individuals in our community, nonprofits have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19. And yet our vulnerable neighbors need their services now more than ever. Here are ways you can help be part of Give Choose:

1) Make your donation during Give Choose.  Visit www.givechoose.org during next year’s campaign to select the charities you care about, and donate.  While the average person donates $125 during Give Choose, you can give as little as $10 – and ever dollar helps.

2) Help add to our prize pool by becoming a corporate sponsor.  Becoming a corporate sponsor of the Community Foundation is a great way to show that your business cares about the community – and it helps our nonprofits by contributing to our Give Choose prize pool!  To learn more, visit https://communityfoundationlf.org/corporate/ 

3) Spread the word.  Share on your social media platforms that you gave to your charities of choice and encourage your social networks to do the same during the Give Choose campaign.  Do you have a personal connection to one of the charities you support?  Help that nonprofit by sending an email to 10 of your friends or family to explain why their mission is so important to you, and ask them to give in your honor.  Sharing your story is a powerful way to help.