Children & Families

Activities and programs that strengthen families and help build sustainable neighborhood environments that promote family development and the safety of our children.


Programs that ensure all students gain access to an education of the highest quality to prepare them for success in today’s knowledge-based economy.

Health & Human Resources

Projects that improve conditions and opportunities for those who are poor and/or disadvantaged, especially for vulnerable populations such as our youth, seniors and those living in poverty, and that improve healthcare and housing in our community.

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Environment & Preservation

Activities and programs that enhance our way of life through good stewardship of the air, land and water that sustain our area and support the welfare of all life.

Culture & Arts

Programs that enhance our cultural understanding and provide experiences that improve our sense of community, focusing on the areas of music, drama and art.

Civic Progress

Programs that propose practical approaches to resolve current issues and promote a sustainable community.

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