It was a year ago on March 11th that the Community Foundation for Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties launched its Community Emergency Relief Fund. The world pandemic had arrived at our front door.

Since that launch on March 11, 2020, the Community Foundation has granted more than $1.2 million dollars in direct response to COVID.

Fund Holders like 100WomenStrong, Loudoun Community Cabinet, Tourism & Hospitality Relief Fund, along with such contributors as Google, Kaiser Permanente, County of Loudoun, and hundreds of generous households and community businesses—all came together. Together, a collective focus was dedicated to meeting need through flexibility and impact.

We started by zeroing in on nonprofits that specialized in getting rent and utilities covered for newly unemployed and underemployed neighbors.  We spearheaded a collaboration with partner nonprofits and the County of Loudoun to increase COVID testing among our most disproportionally impacted neighbors. A unique grants program supported minority-owned small businesses on the edge of collapse. Funding provided to nonprofits offered “general support” with no programmatic strings attached to enable continuity in service provision for food, learning, health, aid, and care in our community for thousands of those in need.  For many of our neighbors, it may take years to recover the lost savings and quality of life achieved before March 11th.

Today, though, is a day to say “thank you,” to you.  This is the moment to remind us all that Community is not the beneficiary . . .  community is the solution.

On Tuesday, March 16th, more than 100 charities come together at GiveChoose.Org to raise funds—prized and essential general support funds—for their respective missions.  From culture, to education, to human service, to nature, you will find purpose, mission, and gratitude.  We hope you’ll join us and make a gift on the 16th, or now during early giving.

With your continued care and generosity during GiveChoose.Org and through the Community Emergency Relief Fund, you fuel community solution yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Again, thank you.