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Getting personalized support and specialized training are rare opportunities for nonprofit executives and professionals.  The Social Impact Institute offers that kind of support.

In 2022, the Social Impact Institute will offer the following programs and resources:

(1) Advancing Development, a six-month individual and group coaching program for nonprofit directors of development seeking to hone their fundraising skills.

(2) The Board Chair Roundtable, providing local nonprofit board chairs an opportunity to network, learn, and work together to hone their board leadership skills.

(3) The Learning Lab, a series of full-day, deeper-dive workshops.  Past and current workshops within the Learning Lab series include Grant Writing 101:  Grant Writing, Grantor Research, and Program Evaluation; The Board’s Role in Fundraising; Board Governance 101; and The Rise of the Citizen Storyteller.

(4) Nonprofit Compensation Study, a study of local compensation data for employees of nonprofit organizations serving Loudoun and Northern Fauquier Counties.

Past programs of the Social Impact Institute have included:

  • Leading for Success, an individual and group leadership coaching program for nonprofit executives
  • Executive Directors Retreat, an opportunity for nonprofit executives to collaborate and learn together
  • Accelerating Mission Impact, a team coaching opportunity for nonprofit and board leaders to tackle important issues within their organization
  • Strategic Planning Consortium, an opportunity for four nonprofits organizations to receive professional strategic planning consultation
  • Leadership Institute, a group learning program to strengthen the leadership and supervisory skills of nonprofit and government leaders

Upcoming and Recent Programs

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